Big Beers & Barley Wines

Big Beers & Barley Wines is a craft beer tasting festival,  100% of the proceeds raised from this event go to Resident Home Association of Greater Dayton.

RHA’s distinction of excellence in the community is not only due to the agency’s commitment of quality but is shared with members of the community through volunteerism, donations, and special events such as BBBW. In the spirit of these shared values, I invite you to join us at Big Beers & Barley Wines Beer Fest.


Mike Schwartz
Belmont Party Supply

Providing Homes in the Community

Resident Home Association (RHA) has the distinction of being the first private, nonprofit agency to provide residential services and supports for people with developmental disabilities in Montgomery County, opening our first home on Lexington Avenue in Dayton, Ohio in 1966.

The foundation of RHA services and supports is built upon the values of integrity, excellence, humanity, responsibility and respect.

Professionally trained staff provide family-oriented services and supports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The focus is on creating and maintaining safe and nurturing home environments that include family relationships and that enhance personal choices for our residents.

Our commitment is to provide homes in the community for people with developmental disabilities when they can no longer live with their own families due to death, prolonged illness, aging caregivers or issues related to abuse, neglect, or dependency. We also provide opportunities for people who want to live more independently.

Based on their needs and interests, residents have a range of options available to them, from supervised group settings to independent living options in urban and suburban neighborhoods.

We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Learn More: http://www.partnersohio.com/rha/